Professional Design

Graphics Design

From the rough sketch to the finalized design, you can control each stroke precisely and effortlessly throughout the process. Whichever software you use to draw -- Photoshop or Illustrator®, shortcut keys on the XPPen tablet can increase your creative output and enhance the visual effect. And you don't need to move the mouse back and forth for operation as the XPPen stylus can function as a standard mouse and have extended functions to streamline your workflow.

Clothing Design

Whether the latest trend in fashion shows or creative new arrivals, they all are composed of the simplest elements step by step. Monotonous design and layout can not stand out in the fierce market and industry. XPPen drawing tablet and display have ergonomic sizes and eye-protecting designs, easy to use for clothing and product designers. It enables you to master details and build the optimal composition with all the small elements so as to hit straightforwardly into the inner soul and thus enhancing the design value and earning customers' trust and satisfaction.

Product Design

Seamless product design process — from initial product concept to successful product iteration — product designers can deliver quality design efficiently by using XPPen drawing tablets as their tools. The assisted creating software and included stylus of high pressure sensitivity provide a virtually real feel for paper-like drawing. XPPen drawing tablet is fit for multiple purposes, such as sketching, 3D model design, engraving, and more.