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XPPen South Africa

XPPen Deco Pro MW Wireless Graphics Drawing Tablet

XPPen Deco Pro MW Wireless Graphics Drawing Tablet

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XPPen Deco Pro MW Wireless Graphics Drawing Tablet

Wireless Connectivity Limitless Creativity

Deco Pro SW and MW Drawing Tablet are delicately integrated with advanced Bluetooth v5.0 chips for reliable wireless connections. With 3-5 meters of indoor wireless working area, there is more space for your creation. Feel free to capture your inspiration without limitation.

7mm Slim Superior Endurance Continuous Inspiration

The ultra-thin 7mm body of the Deco Pro SW and MW is loaded with a large capacity battery. The battery has a long life and satisfies your needs for all-day work in Bluetooth mode. A convenient switch on the back allows you to turn the pen tablet on or off. Slim size, mighty endurance.

Efficient Dual Dials

Deco Pro series Graphic Tablet features eight responsive shortcut keys and two innovative dial wheels. You can easily program them to fit and improve your workflow. Map them to different shortcut combinations in different software. With Deco Pro, smarter control, greater achievement.

More Compatibility More Possibilities

The Deco Pro series Graphic Tablet supports Windows, Mac OS, Android, Chrome OS and Linux systems. It's compatible with most drawing and design software, including Photoshop, SAI, Painter, Illustrator, and more. Empower your creativity with more possibilities.

*Regarding the connection methods of Deco Pro SW and MW, the Bluetooth connection is available on Windows and Mac OS; the wireless receiver or wired connection is available on Windows, Mac OS, Android, Chrome OS, and Linux systems.

Smooth and Sleek

The PA1 battery-free stylus features a 60-degree tilt function and 8,192 levels of pressure sensitivity. You can shadow easily, draw delicate brushstrokes and lines, and express and present every subtle detail.

Winner of Two International Design Awards

Feel the high-class texture and the light weight of the Deco Pro aluminum case. The black and the silver blend perfectly into its streamlined and dual-dial design. Deco Pro series won the 2019 Red Dot Design Award and the 2018 Good Design Award. Complement your splendid artwork with this award-winning design.

Deco Pro MW
Dimensions: 399.7 227 16.5mm

Active Area: 11? 6?

Bluetooth v5.0

PA1 battery-free stylus

2 wheels and 8 shortcut keys